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Starting from April 26, 2022, Costa Cruises is launching the new C|Club! If a Costa cruise is unique, with C|Club it is even more amazing because of the new privileges and exclusive experiences that Costa Cruises has in store for you, ashore and on board, will make it even more extraordinary and memorable.

From April 26, 2022, with the new and simple rules, you can earn a lot of points that will help you reach higher levels faster. And throughout the year, the C|Club will amaze you with many special events: dedicated promotions, additional discounts, new activities and the event that cannot be missed: the C|Club Cruise.

The new C|Club is unique because it has in store for you:

The New C|Club levels

Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold and the prestige Platinum.The more cruises you take, the more you'll advance through the C|Club levels, and the greater your benefits will be! Here's a view of the new C|Club levels:

Special privileges

For each level of the new C|Club, Costa Cruises has created new experiences, exclusive benefits and enhanced many existing advantages: when you book, before departure, when you're on board, and also once you've returned home.

And it doesn't end there: during the year, you'll have access to promotions and events reserved only for members. In addition to the Club Cruise - an event that cannot be missed - twice a year, with unique itineraries and programs.

There are so many points you can pick up to reach the next level. The new rules are simple and clear which means you can earn lots of points to reach the next level faster. The points will vary depending on the cabin category in which you decide to travel and they are valid for 3 years. But that's not all: many extra points are just waiting to be picked up!

How to Earn C|Club points

How to Earn C|Club extra points

Points Validity
The points to be considered valid for determining the membership level will be those related to cruises with departure date from 15 June 2019 on the date of entry into force of these General Conditions. Starting from 2023, on April 30th of each year, the points for cruises departing over the previous 3 years will be considered valid. The rates that contribute to earning points are the Standard rates only, i.e., non-promotional rates.

Past Guests Policies are subject to change by the cruise line. For the most current Costa Cruises Past Guests Policies, please refer to the Costa Cruises website.

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