Antarctica Cruises

6 - 45 nights starting from $2,799 per person
Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica is currently an ecotourism hot spot; this unsettled land sometimes seems to exist on a different planet.

Antarctica Cruises

Except for a few hardy researchers, there are no permanent residents of Antarctica and tourist traffic is controlled in an effort to protect this fragile continent. Most of what visitors see is limited to views from the deck of a passing ship. The serenity and expansiveness of Antarctica is unmatched anywhere on Earth. The only uninhabited continent is a marvel to explore and a beauty to see.

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Antarctica Cruise Highlights

Get ready to observe an extraordinary display of wildlife, from fur seals to penguins, sea elephants, whales, birds and albatrosses. Visitors to Antarctica become amateur researchers and naturalists as they undergo an educational experience, able to stand feet away from these majestic animals at times. On land or on board a ship, stand in awe of the open, white wilderness, untouched by most of civilization. Once anchored in Antarctica, passengers can board Zodiacs to step on land and hike along the snowy grounds. Adventurous souls can even kayak or paddleboard through icy waters.

Popular Antarctica Cruise Ports

Other than a few researchers, there are no permanent residents of Antarctica, and the number of visitors on land is capped at 100 passengers at a time. There are no actual ports of call on this continent, so ships anchor at locations like Cape Evans and Cape Royds, Deception Island, Lamaire Channel and Half Moon Island. Once anchored, passengers can explore the continent via Zodiac landing craft - a sturdy, inflatable designed for exploration use.

When is the Best Time to Go to Antarctica?

With freezing temperatures nearly year round, there are only a few months a year when it is ideal to visit Antarctica. Cruise ships typically visit between December and February, when the temperatures are between 20 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. During this time, it is high summer in Antarctica, with 20+ hours of daylight per day. Because of the distance required to get there, most Antarctic voyages are a minimum of 10 nights.

What Cruise Lines Go to Antarctica?

Only a select few cruise lines make the trek down to this remote but grand destination. Here are a few to explore:

  • Quark Expeditions: A world leader in polar cruises, Quark Expeditions will bring you up close to magnificent icebergs and spectacular wildlife on 7- to 23-day expeditions. Adventurers can revel in outdoor activities like cross-country skiing, mountaineering, hiking and even stand-up paddleboarding while in Antarctica.
  • Silversea Cruises: Can you imagine having afternoon tea in the southernmost part of the globe? Silversea makes that dream a reality with its signature white-glove service aboard several sailings to Antarctica each year. Depart from Ushuaia, Argentina; Buenos Aires, Argentina; or Valparaiso, Chile and explore Antarctica's Peninsula, Sound, Shetland Islands and more.
  • Ponant Cruises: Ponant's small, luxury ships are known for sailing to ports and anchorages off the beaten path, and the Antarctic is no exception. Travel on Ponant and discover outings in Zodiacs to Cooper Bay, New Island and Half Moon, as well as stops in the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

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Month Number of Cruises From Price
Nov 2017 17 cruises $6,295
Dec 2017 31 cruises $5,595
Jan 2018 27 cruises $2,799
Feb 2018 17 cruises $2,799
Mar 2018 2 cruises $8,495
Nov 2018 5 cruises $13,760
Dec 2018 10 cruises $11,450
Jan 2019 9 cruises $2,899
Feb 2019 5 cruises $2,999

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