Cruises to Nowhere

2 - 10 nights starting from $159 per person
Cruises to Nowhere

Exactly where is Nowhere? Well, as defined by the cruise industry, a cruise to Nowhere is one that spends its entire time at sea and doesn't make any ports of call.

Cruises to Nowhere

Cruises to Nowhere are generally very short cruises because they are offered as fillers between longer itineraries and repositioning cruises. It's also increasingly common for the cruise lines to debut their newest vessels to public this way.

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With this in mind, it's easy to find a cruise to Nowhere leaving from a port city close to where you live. The fun of taking one of these cruises is that not only are they convenient, but at a price unbeatable on land. So it's the best way for first-timers to try out the cruise experience without spending a lot of time, money or the investment in air travel.

In addition, it's a great excuse to get all your friends and family together for a celebration or a reunion, a party or even a corporate event. Impress your spouse for a special occasion or even propose marriage. Cruises to Nowhere make the perfect romantic surprise.

What can I do on a Cruise to Nowhere?

A cruise to Nowhere puts the entire focus on the shipboard experience without the distractions of preparing and making plans for the ports of call. Enjoy fine dining, dancing, gambling and non-stop activity and entertainment. Meet new friends and renew your relationships with those you love. Catch up on your sleep or your reading, have a pool party or even indulge in a spa treatment.

Where does a cruise to Nowhere go?

Nowhere! Actually, they do go somewhere - they go out to sea. Often the ship simply sails a few miles off shore into international waters and cruises slowly, so you can watch the sunset over the city skyline while you're having pre-dinner cocktails. If you're in southern latitude, you may also be able to see islands in the horizon.

When can I take a Cruise to Nowhere?

Unfortunately, there are no regular departures for Cruises to Nowhere and word of mouth is usually the strongest advertiser. If you're interested to learn when and where they are being offered, check our website or contact us by phone and we'll search them out for you.

Cruises to Nowhere are usually only one or two nights in length and most websites don't offer such a short cruise in their search criteria. With that in mind, it's probably pretty easy to get away a couple of days, but don't expect them to be available at the last minute. They tend to book up very, very quickly as soon as the word gets out!

How do I get there?

Any cruise line can offer a Cruise to Nowhere at just about any time from any port city. The offers differ from one year to the next, but since they operate out of some of the best US cities you can build a great long weekend around them - another good reason to do a little planning.

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Month Number of Cruises From Price
Nov 2016 2 cruises $286
Dec 2016 2 cruises $309
Jan 2017 2 cruises $345
Feb 2017 1 cruises $713
Mar 2017 1 cruises $309
Apr 2017 2 cruises On Request
Jun 2017 4 cruises $6,295
Jul 2017 4 cruises $6,295
Aug 2017 1 cruises On Request
Oct 2017 2 cruises $589
Dec 2017 1 cruises $159
Feb 2018 2 cruises $180
Mar 2018 1 cruises $469
Aug 2019 1 cruises $9,595

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