Europe Cruises

1 - 115 nights starting from $59 per person
Europe Cruises

Europe is bursting with history, world-famous landmarks and delicious cuisines ready to be uncovered on a cruise to one of its many scenic ports.

Europe Cruises

Sail away to the cities you've dreamt about: Paris, London, Barcelona, Santorini and St. Petersburg, to name just a few. Europe is a popular cruise destination, and as such cruise lines sail to and from tons of port cities. You can sail across the Atlantic from the East Coast, or embark in one of Europe's major cities to dive right into the fun.

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Europe Cruise Highlights

There's something to suit every taste in Europe. History buffs will love exploring Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Thrill seekers can ride ATVs in Mykonos or go ziplining in Switzerland. Beach bums have their choice of beautiful turquoise waters in places like Cinque Terre, Italy; Lisbon, Portugal; and Split, Croatia. Europe has it all, and is well-suited for families, honeymooners and solo travelers alike.

Popular Europe Cruise Ports & Regions

There is tons to explore on this continent - deciding where to go first can be the toughest part. With options all over the continent, you have plenty of destinations to choose from. Cruises generally sail to one of these three regions:

  • The Mediterranean: Known for its beautiful beaches, rich food and ancient ruins, the Mediterranean includes ports in Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey and more. Discover the Acropolis in Athens, taste delicious paella in Barcelona or relax down a canal on a gondola in Venice.
  • Northern Europe: The magical cities of Northern Europe are straight out of a fairytale - you can traipse through the fjords in Norway, get lost in the magnificent Winter Palace in Russia and zoom down the Swiss Alps in Switzerland.
  • Western Europe: Soak in the culture, art and history of Western Europe in ports throughout France, Germany, the U.K. and more. Cruises will take you to bucket-list cities like London, Paris and Amsterdam where you can explore museums, churches, and cathedrals.

When is the Best Time to Go to Europe?

May, June and September are ideal months to visit Europe. You'll skip out on the July and August heat and the peak-summer-time crowds. Temperatures differ across the continent, but these months tend to be fairly mild throughout. The summer also boasts many music festivals and exciting events across Europe.

What Cruise Lines Go to Europe?

European cruises are especially popular on premium and luxury cruise lines. Here are a few lines that excel in travel to Europe:

  • Princess Cruises: Princess offers it all, with itineraries in the Mediterranean and Greek Isles, Scandinavia and the Norwegian Fjords, the British Isles and Northern Europe, and Transatlantic cruises. Most cruises are seven days or longer, giving you plenty of time to see the sights and enjoy time on a luxurious Princess vessel.
  • Holland America: Having started in Europe, Holland America is uniquely prepared to bring you to the best spots in Europe. Enjoy long days in port, one-of-a-kind shore excursions and elegant, spacious accommodations. Holland sails to ports in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Iceland and more.
  • Oceania: Sail to unique locations with Oceania. Along with popular ports like Santorini and Venice, Oceania travels to ports in Malta, Montenegro, and Slovenia, and to five ports in nearby Egypt. Explore Europe your way on an Oceania cruise, while also taking advantage of Oceania's delicious cuisine, personalized service and fascinating enrichment programs.

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Oct 2016 77 cruises $209
Nov 2016 207 cruises $239
Dec 2016 106 cruises $329
Jan 2017 86 cruises $398
Feb 2017 83 cruises $449
Mar 2017 141 cruises $499
Apr 2017 325 cruises $279
May 2017 445 cruises $328
Jun 2017 482 cruises $359
Jul 2017 532 cruises $658
Aug 2017 493 cruises $398
Sep 2017 461 cruises $329
Oct 2017 386 cruises $349
Nov 2017 200 cruises $289
Dec 2017 103 cruises $439
Jan 2018 87 cruises $298
Feb 2018 74 cruises $499
Mar 2018 111 cruises $59
Apr 2018 51 cruises $59
May 2018 57 cruises $398
Jun 2018 58 cruises $399
Jul 2018 55 cruises $349
Aug 2018 59 cruises $199
Sep 2018 57 cruises $399
Oct 2018 39 cruises $299
Nov 2018 13 cruises $249
Dec 2018 6 cruises $499
Mar 2019 1 cruises On Request
Apr 2019 7 cruises $5,830
May 2019 5 cruises $5,465
Jun 2019 6 cruises $4,750
Aug 2019 2 cruises $9,595

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