Hawaii Cruises

7 - 53 nights starting from $954 per person
Hawaii Cruises

With some of the most exotic landscapes on earth, Hawaii captures your imagination with fiery volcanoes, lush rainforests and jewel-toned beaches.

Hawaii Cruises

Who hasn't dreamed of escaping to the tropical island paradise of Hawaii? And its infinite romance makes it the number one destination for honeymooners and anniversary couples worldwide.

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What can I do on a Hawaii Cruise?

Hawaii's landscape is so dramatic that it is best viewed from the air. One of the most popular activities is to take a flightseeing trip over the vast canyons and volcano craters. You can even fly over active volcanoes in Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island.

Another must-do is to ascend the summit of Haleakala on the island of Maui to watch the sun rise. This daily ritual is an important part of Hawaiian legend and folklore, and not only a fabulous experience but also glimpse into the rich culture of the islands. The way back is on a bicycle, but don't worry, it's all downhill!

Hawaii is also paradise for golfers and not only are the courses challenging, but they are absolutely gorgeous as well. Hawaiian Cruise passengers have dozens of courses easily available to them during the time in port. If golf isn't your sport, try deep-sea fishing or whale watching. The water in Hawaii is teeming with life and a prime spot for sport fishing and wildlife viewing.

Cultural tours are also plentiful, and of course, a trip to Hawaii wouldn't be complete without attending a luau. Try some hula lessons or surfing lessons and go totally Hawaiian.

Where does a Hawaii Cruise go?

Seven-night Hawaii itineraries focus on the Hawaiian Islands and almost always offer one or two overnight ports of call. Some longer itineraries may also have time to add in a stop in a nearby island, but you can expect to visit all of the islands listed below:

  • Oahu
  • Maui
  • Kauai
  • Kona
  • Hilo

On the Big Island of Hawaii, the ship will usually stop in both Hilo and Kona, which are on opposite sides of the island. Some ships even go south of Hawaii to Fanning Island.

When can I go on a Hawaii Cruise?

Norwegian Cruise Line offers seven-night and longer Hawaiian cruises year-round on ships designed just for this destination. Other cruise lines may sail among the Hawaiian Islands just during the winter months, or for about three weeks during the spring and fall as they reposition to and from Alaska.

How do I get to Hawaii for my cruise?

You can fly to Hawaii in just six hours from Los Angeles. Hawaii cruises depart from and return to Honolulu, making it possible to fit a cruise to paradise into one week's vacation.

Some cruise lines offer longer Hawaiian cruises that depart from the US mainland and end in Honolulu, or depart from the islands and return to the mainland. These itineraries often have four or five consecutive days at sea while sailing across the Pacific Ocean. It's also not uncommon to find the Hawaiian Islands included along with other South Pacific islands. These itineraries are usually offered in the spring when a ship is passing by on her way to a summer season in Alaska and again in the fall when Alaska cruises are over.

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Month Number of Cruises From Price
Sep 2016 2 cruises $3,299
Oct 2016 15 cruises $899
Nov 2016 12 cruises $899
Dec 2016 13 cruises $999
Jan 2017 21 cruises $1,399
Feb 2017 14 cruises $1,399
Mar 2017 13 cruises $1,399
Apr 2017 21 cruises $1,049
May 2017 9 cruises $1,399
Jun 2017 4 cruises $1,399
Jul 2017 7 cruises $1,499
Aug 2017 7 cruises $1,549
Sep 2017 14 cruises $1,019
Oct 2017 15 cruises $1,099
Nov 2017 12 cruises $1,399
Dec 2017 17 cruises $1,399
Jan 2018 15 cruises $1,349
Feb 2018 12 cruises $1,349
Mar 2018 19 cruises $1,299
Apr 2018 13 cruises $954
May 2018 11 cruises $1,378
Jun 2018 5 cruises $1,499
Jul 2018 5 cruises $1,599
Aug 2018 4 cruises $1,499
Sep 2018 6 cruises $954
Oct 2018 4 cruises $1,299
Nov 2018 4 cruises $1,199
Dec 2018 6 cruises $1,199
Jan 2019 5 cruises $1,399
Feb 2019 4 cruises $1,399
Mar 2019 5 cruises $1,299
Apr 2019 4 cruises $1,299
May 2019 4 cruises $1,399

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