How To Book a Cruise Vacation

How To Book a Cruise Vacation

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You are sold - there's no doubt about it. you've spoken to your friends, you've read the brochures, you've been to all the websites and you've finally decided that you will be taking a cruise thisyear. Now what? How do you actually book that cruise of a lifetime?

Step 1: Find a Cruise Expert or Cruise Website you can trust Friendly and Courteous Cruise Experts. One of the most important parts of planning your cruise vacation is finding the right company to book your cruise with in the first place. Be it an online company like or the travel agent across the street, you want to make sure that you are working with a reputable company that specializes in cruises and one who makes it very convenient for you to contact them.

A Top Producing Cruise Agency provides a number of benefits:

Step 2: Set a Budget and Choose Your Cruise

Once you have found a Cruise Website or a Cruise Expert you can trust (we recommend for both), you should decide on the cruise that's best for you. Booking a cruise can be very complicated and there are many factors to consider including destination, cruise line, activities, kids programs, cabin selection, airfare, special pricing, departure port, etc. A good website and a good cruise agent should help you sort through all this and help you find a cruise you will enjoy.

Step 3: Find the Best Price Great Cruise Prices.
In today's Internet economy, it's never been easier to comparison shop for the best price. There are dozens of travel websites that promise low cruise rates, but what most First Time Cruisers and Experienced Veterans don't realize is that there are often better rates available if you call and speak with a live person.

Cruise Lines will not openly advertise rates that are not available to the entire public. These unadvertised rates are only available to people who qualify for a specific rate or promotion. If you meet any of the following criteria, you should pick up the telephone and speak with a real, live, living, breathing, Cruise Expert:

If you qualify for any of the scenarios above, be sure to alert your so that they can search for any special discounts that may apply to your reservation.

Be careful about price comparisons. Cruise Websites and travel agencies quote differently from one another so make sure you are comparing apples to apples. What you see on Page 1 of an online cruise booking website ( included) can be different than what is on the credit card page. The same applies on the telephone with a Live Cruise Expert. Our Cruise Experts at quote all of our rates inclusive of all port charges, taxes, and government fees. There are no additional administrative charges.

If a Cruise Expert from any Cruise Agency (not just has demonstrated their expertise by providing friendly, knowledgeable service and provided you with a rate that is competitive with others you've found, you should stick with that agent. Not only will you be dealing with someone who's very familiar with your travel needs, you'll get better service in the long run as well.

Your vacation is an investment of time and money. It begins when you first start planning your trip. Make sure you're dealing with a company that you can call by phone; one that will call you back promptly and provide the personalized level service you expect and deserve.

Step 4: Pay For Your Cruise - Offline or Online Paying for the Cruise.

Now that you have found the right cruise at the right price, it's time to pay for your cruise. If you are traveling within 75 days, you will be expected to pay for your cruise in full. However, if you are traveling outside of 75 days, the cruise line will allow you to pay a small deposit with the balance due 75 days prior to travel. If the price drops between the time you book your cruise and final payment, your price can be adjusted to the lower rate if you qualify. After your final payment, the cruise lines no longer offer that flexibility.

You can make a deposit or final payment online through the secure reservation system on or you can call in a credit card payment to your Cruise Specialist. will confirm all payments by email at the time of the transaction and by regular mail within a few days of your reservation. A customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours of an online booking to reconfirm the spelling of your names, your address, birthdates, etc so that you will have no problems when you check in for your cruise.

Payments made by check, money order or wire transfer are also acceptable. You must speak to a cruise specialist for help with these bookings.

Step 5: Complete and Gather Pre-Cruise Documentation

Prior to stepping onboard your cruise ship, you will be required complete pre-cruise registration forms with your cruise line. You will receive information about this process from your Customer Support Team after your final payment.

At the Cruise Line's website, you will also have the option to pre-purchase shore excursions or land tours. This is a convenient way to pre-plan your vacation activities without the hassles of waiting in line at the Shore Tours Desk onboard. also has a list of competitively priced shore tours to the Caribbean, Alaska, and the Bahamas on our site.

You will be required to provide proper proof of US Citizenship when you check in at your cruise ship. Most cruises simply require a certified copy of your birth certificate with a photo id, but for international travel, you will be required to have a passport. For complete details, visit the Immigration Requirements section of our website. Your Cruise expert will review specific requirements with you at the time of booking.

Step 6: Have a Great Cruise Have a great Cruise!

Unless you booked your cruise at the last minute, your cruise documents will arrive by mail 7 to 10 days prior to travel. Please read over all your information carefully and complete any necessary forms. Do not forget your proof of citizenship.

If you are flying, make sure you arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to travel for domestic flights and 2 hours prior to travel for International Flights. If driving to the pier, you'll find comprehensive driving directions on with approximate parking rates per day.

Cruise Lines generally begin boarding the ship around 11:30 or noon. The sooner you get there, the sooner you can start enjoying your vacation. Since your baggage will not be delivered to your cabin for a few hours after you board the ship, it is recommended you bring a carry on bag with a change of clothes if you plan to hit the pool deck.

Step 7: Plan Your Next Cruise

If you are having the time of your life, go ahead and book your next cruise right on board the ship. The Cruise Line will have a vacation consultant right on board who will be glad to help you arrange another cruise. By booking on board, you may be offered additional discounts, free upgrades and confirmed dining. Once you get home, will generate an invoice and help you with all post-booking arrangements.

Step 8: Tell Your Friends and Cruise for Free Cruise for free!

Cruising is contagious. Once you've done it, you can't stop talking about it. Tell all your friends and family about your vacation and talk them into a Group Cruise. If you get eight or more couples to travel with you, then you may be able to cruise for free as the Group Leader. If you have friends who may want to cruise, let us know and we'll gladly send them a cruise coupon for use on their first or next cruise vacation.

Although booking a cruise can be complicated process, it can be made much easier when you deal with cruise experts like We will take the time with you to help you find the best cruise vacation for you. Our purpose is to make you happy and our mission to build a personal and lasting relationship with you by consistently exceeding your expectations - both with price and service.

Thank you for visiting We would look forward to serving you.

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