World Cruises

51 - 180 nights starting from $6,699 per person
World Cruises

For the most devoted seafarers, a World Cruise is an experience unlike any other - travel the world in luxury with stops on six continents.

World Cruises

Sail the Seven Seas, truly, on a world cruise. On these voyages, ships visit at least three major oceans, dozens of different seas and ports of call on every major continent.

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World Cruise Highlights

Experience the cities you have always dreamed about - Tokyo, Sydney, Barcelona, Bora Bora and more, while forming a special bond with fellow guests. A World Cruise brings together some of the most interesting, adventurous people and allows for a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy life in luxury, waking up in a new city every few days. With so many cities to visit, the activities will vary, but expect plenty of cultural visits, culinary experiences, outdoor adventures and unique shopping opportunities in each port.

Popular World Cruise Ports

The beauty of a World Cruise is that you don't have to choose one location. Most cruises begin on the east coast of the U.S. and sail south, through the Panama Canal, over to Asia, through Europe and back to the east coast. Though there are many, here are a few popular ports of call on World Cruises:

  • Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo is a stunning mix of skyscrapers and temples, neon-lit nightclubs and quiet parks, world-class cuisine and endless street food. Visit the lavish Imperial Palace, the serene Meiji Shinto Shrine, and try some of the world's best sushi while in Tokyo.
  • Santorini, Greece: With its blue-domed buildings, colorful cliffs and white-washed beaches, Santorini is the paradise you have long dreamt about. View ancient artifacts at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, satisfy your taste buds at a local winery, and discover the picturesque and quiet village of Oia.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Brazil's capital is beloved by many for its lively and joyful ambiance. Hike Mount Corcovado to see the awe-inspiring Christ Redeemer statue up close, paddleboard atop the waters of Copacabana Beach, and walk through the favelas of Rio for a humbling look at the contrasting populations inhabiting Rio.

When is the Best Time to Go on a World Cruise?

World Cruises depart once a year, most often in January. For those willing to invest the time and money into this once-in-a-lifetime experience, the journey usually takes three to four months total. However, World Cruises are also sold in three-week segments, so some guests embark and disembark at different times throughout the voyage.

What Cruise Lines Go on World Cruises?

Given the extensive nature of the voyage, only a few cruise lines offer a World Cruise. These luxury and premium lines are some to explore:

  • Cunard Line: Cunard's 89- to 132-night World Voyages bring travelers to 20-plus countries. Sail to cities like Cape Town, Hong Kong, Dubai, Sydney and Southampton while enjoying one of the finest onboard experiences luxury cruises have to offer.
  • Silversea Cruises: With its small yet luxurious ships, Silversea World Cruises go to some of the most remote corners of the world. Frequently given the "Best World Cruise" distinction, Silversea guests travel to dozens of ports in more than 20 countries while hearing from prominent, knowledgeable guest lecturers who add to the richness of the journey.
  • Princess Cruises: Embark on a Princess World Cruise from Los Angeles or Sydney, and engage in an unforgettable journey through as many as 40 destinations. Princess is regularly ranked the "Best in Cruise Itineraries," and its World Cruises sail to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Portugal, Croatia, Iceland, the UAE and more.

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Apr 2017 1 cruises Call For Price
May 2017 11 cruises $6,699
Jul 2017 2 cruises $10,969
Aug 2017 1 cruises Call For Price
Sep 2017 1 cruises $7,199
Oct 2017 5 cruises $8,999
Dec 2017 2 cruises $30,699
Jan 2018 33 cruises $8,298
Feb 2018 11 cruises $8,299
Mar 2018 7 cruises $7,799
Jun 2018 7 cruises $8,589
Jul 2018 3 cruises $8,719
Oct 2018 1 cruises $36,699
Dec 2018 1 cruises $69,499
Jan 2019 12 cruises $37,399
Feb 2019 4 cruises Call For Price
Mar 2019 1 cruises Call For Price

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