World Cruises

51 - 180 nights starting from $6,699 per person
World Cruises

A World Cruise is truly an incredible journey because the entire world awaits your discovery.

World Cruises

No other travel experience on earth can match the variety found in just one World Cruise itinerary. This exclusive travel experience literally sails the Seven Seas, and more! Ships sail at least three major oceans, dozens of different seas and visit exotic ports of call on six continents. Transit the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal and sail through the Straits of Gibraltar. You will have a chance to see parts of the world you've only dreamed about, visit many of the world's greatest cities and major landmarks, experience scores of different cultures and walks the paths of some of the most influential events in history.

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The world's ultimate travel adventure is done in the utmost style and luxury, so it doesn't come cheap. World Cruise prices are the equivalent of a year's salary for many of us, open for booking at least a year in advance, and are always sold out. Of all the world's travel experiences, none can compare to a world cruise and for those privileged enough to have it.

What can I do on a World Cruise?

Discover the world and live famously! A World Cruise offers a very special social environment, and because guests spend so much time together they become a family while on board. Fellow passengers are usually wealthy, educated and well traveled with a wide variety of special interests. The atmosphere on board is generally rather formal, with dining, dancing and entertainment important elements each evening.

It's difficult to predict what experiences will be enjoyed while in port, since the itineraries from one ship to the next can differ. However, it's safe to say that in each port of call there will be opportunities for shopping, sightseeing, adventure and cultural immersion. Guests will always find something of interest and certainly something to exceed expectations.

Where does a World Cruise go?

A full circumnavigation of the globe usually begins from the east coast of the US and always sails in a westbound direction. A typical itinerary will follow the following pattern: The departure may sail from New York City, then sail south along the US Atlantic coast to the Caribbean. After a few ports of call, the ship will transit the Panama Canal and continue up the west coast of Central America and Mexico and the west coast of the US. From there, the ship will sail west into the open Pacific Ocean and probably makes ports of call in Hawaii and other South Pacific Islands including French Polynesia. Now it's just a short distance to New Zealand and Australia. Indonesia and Southeast Asia is next on the list before continuing on to India.

After crossing the Indian Ocean, the ship usually makes a few stops along the southern side of the Arabian Peninsula. Sometimes ports along the east coast of Africa, including Madagascar, will be offered. The ship then sails north through the Red Sea and transits the Suez Canal. Upon exiting, the ship will port in some of the finest cities in the Mediterranean and Western Europe. The last leg is a Trans-Atlantic crossing back to New York.

When can I go on a World Cruise?

World cruises depart once each year, almost always in January, and the entire itinerary can take three to four months. However, world cruises are also always sold in segments of approximately three weeks in length. This means that you can embark and disembark somewhere in the middle of the trip. More than one segment can be combined, as well. However, full world-cruise passengers always have a priority booking opportunity. Passengers interested in segments may be placed on a waiting list or may not be able to obtain a cabin number at the time of booking.

How do I get there?

Only a few cruise lines offer a world cruise itinerary. Check with luxury lines, such as Cunard, Crystal Cruises, Silversea and Regent Seven Seas. Two premium lines, Holland America Line and Princess Cruises, also offer world cruises.

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Month Number of Cruises From Price
Nov 2016 1 cruises $36,999
Dec 2016 1 cruises On Request
Jan 2017 42 cruises $9,398
Feb 2017 6 cruises $9,999
Mar 2017 10 cruises $7,999
Apr 2017 1 cruises $34,999
May 2017 11 cruises $6,719
Jul 2017 2 cruises $10,969
Aug 2017 1 cruises On Request
Sep 2017 1 cruises $6,699
Oct 2017 5 cruises $8,899
Jan 2018 33 cruises $8,298
Feb 2018 11 cruises $8,698
Mar 2018 7 cruises $7,799
Jan 2019 1 cruises $26,285

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