Honeymoon Cruises -vs- Honeymoon Resorts

Honeymoon Cruises -vs- Honeymoon Resorts

What's the Price Difference Between Cruises & Resorts?

CruiseCheap.com - How Much Does A Cruise Cost
Well, it all depends on the kind of honeymoon cruise you are looking for and to what type of honeymoon resort you are comparing it to. Just like anything you may buy, whether it's a house, a car, an airline ticket or a new sofa, the products you choose depend on what's important to you.

Honeymoon cruises are the same way. The cost of a honeymoon cruise is determined by many variable factors including:

So you see, there is no simple answer to how much a honeymoon cruise costs compared to other honeymoon vacations. There are a lot of things to take into consideration! And that's how we can help. CruiseCheap.com - How Much Does A Cruise Cost

At CruiseCheap.com, we want to make sure that you choose the honeymoon cruise that's right for you. So we want to get to know you a little bit. In addition to the information listed above we also want to find out what your preferences are and what's important to you. Unlike other online retailers, we want you to call us and speak to us directly. We'll take the time you need and ask all the right questions.

If you're looking for your first cruise, it's natural to want to know the price. What you'll find is that the beauty of a cruise vacation is that virtually all aspects of your trip are included. So when you compare the cost of a honeymoon cruise vacation to a comparable land-based option, you'll find that a cruise is a tremendous value.

For your benefit, we have created a Honeymoon Cruise -versus- a Honeymoon Resort chart that compares the cost of a very popular honeymoon cruise to an equally popular honeymoon land vacation. This chart will show you that dollar for dollar, nothing beats a cruise vacation.

The prices on this chart are shown per person, based on two people in a room, for a 7-night vacation stay, specifically between Mar 23-30, 2014. Air travel is priced from Chicago O'Hare Airport using airline Internet fares. Room accommodations are as follows:

The rates used in this comparison were accurate on the day they were checked and used for this comparison exercise only. It's important remember that rates can change at any time. Promotional price cuts can appear and then disappear quickly once they've been booked. CruiseCheap.com - How Much Does A Cruise Cost

Cruises provide a great variety of choices all with consistently high quality cuisine; and it's included in your cruise fare. The Sandals Resort is totally all-inclusive, so we have included a weekly budget of $200 per person for alcohol assuming each guest consumes six drinks per day on their cruise.

Gambling is offered on cruise ships, but this is not considered a form of entertainment that was included on this chart. Entertainment would include lavish productions, comedy shows, live bands, discos, cover charges, piano bars, karaoke, etc.

Obviously, there are dozens of cruises and hundreds of hotels in these same destinations: some less expensive and some more costly. The seasonality of demand may also affect prices. These cruise and hotel properties were selected because they deliver a comparable experience among one another.

Vacation Options
Property: Freedom of the Seas Sandals Negril
Company: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Sandals
Num Guests: 3,634 guests 446 guests
Day By Day Vacation Comparison
Length of Stay: 7 Nights 7 Nights
Destination: Caribbean Negril, Jamaica
Home Airport: Orlando, FL Montego Bay
Room Type: Ocean View with Balcony Garden View with Balcony
Itinerary: St. Thomas; St. Maarten; CocoCay,
Bahamas; 3 Relaxing Days at Sea
Negril, Jamaica; Each day,
every day, all 7 days
Property and Amenity Comparison
Num Rooms: 1,813 Rooms 227 Rooms
Restaurants: 8 7
Bars & Lounges: 22 5
Coffee Shop: Yes Yes
Snack Bar: Yes Yes
24 Hr Dining: Yes Yes
Room Service: Yes Yes
Movie Theater Yes No
Art Gallery: Yes No
Enrichment Yes Yes
Nightclub: Yes Yes
Casino: Yes No
Show Lounges: Yes No
Broadway-style Shows Yes No
Pools/Hot Tubs: 10 7
Sauna/Steam: Yes Yes
Spa/Salon: Yes Yes
Fitness Facilities: Yes Yes
Tennis Courts No Yes
Water Sports: Yes Yes
Sports Courts: Yes Yes
Tour Desk: Yes Yes
Shops: Yes Yes
Rate Comparison
Property: Freedom of the Seas Sandals Negril
Company: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Sandals
Room Rate: $1099 $2,662
Airfare: $348 $554
Round-trip Transfers: $75 Included
Baggage Handling: Included Included
Meals/Snacks: Included Included
Drinks/Alcohol $200 Included
Entertainment: Included Included
Gratuities: $84 Included
Taxes/Fees: $96 Included
Total Per Person: $1,902 pp $3,216 pp
Total Per Couple $3,804 $6,432

And you should also know that in addition to being affordable, cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied guests than any other vacation experience. It's difficult to match the fun, adventure, variety, comfort and quality of cruise vacation options. And when you add it all up it's easy to see why a cruise is the best value in the travel industry. Call one of our cruise experts today to plan your best vacation ever!

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