Cruise Line Private Islands

Cruise Line Private Islands
One of the highlights of a cruise to the Bahamas or the Caribbean is a stop at a cruise lines private island. Almost all of these islands are located in the Bahamas and are everything you could possibly want for a full day of fun in the sun crystal clear waters, sugar-white beaches, great water sports, tropical drinks, beachside service, and plenty of hammocks nestled among palm trees.

Cruise Lines & Their Islands

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These islands are owned by the cruise lines and are for the exclusive use of their guests for the day. Since there is never any more than one ship in port at a time, the islands are not crowded so each guest can go off and relax in their own private piece of paradise.

The following Cruise Lines have Private Islands for their guests:


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A cruise line private island is its own little city with full-time inhabitants, a power plant, water treatment facilities and even a post office. The islands have bars, restaurants, restrooms, shopping, first aid stations, and water-sports and tour huts.

Each day, before a ship arrives, the island crew prepares the island by making sure the beach is raked, beach chairs and umbrellas are in position, and the floating mats are ready for their guests for the day.

Passengers can start leaving the ship around 9 am. The cruise line will provide towels for the day before you leave your cabin so its not necessary to bring your own unless you really want to. Beach chairs, umbrellas and hammocks, while abundant are first come, first served. So if you want a prime spot right on the beach, get there early. Floating beach mats can be rented for the day.

Island Activities

What is your idea of the perfect day in paradise? Whether its strolling barefoot on a white-sand beach, relaxing on floating beach mat, or doing something a bit more active, youll find it on the private island. These activities include:

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Aqua Cycles
  • Catamarans and Sailboats
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Wave Runners
  • Parasailing
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Deep Sea Fishing*
  • Bicycling*
  • Horseback Riding*
  • Water Playgrounds*
  • Island shops
  • Open Air Massages
  • Hair braiding
  • Live Entertainment

Kids and Adults

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Kids will find plenty to things to keep them busy during the Private Island experience. Most cruise lines bring their on-board kids programs to the beach so they continue to participate in age specific activities. This can include beach sports, dino and whale digs, treasure hunts, and exploration hikes.

Adults will enjoy their days as well. Some of the Private Islands have select adults only beach areas away from families and kids. These secluded sections of beach have their beach chairs, umbrellas, bars and even massage cabanas. A perfect retreat from the masses and a great place to get some sun or finish a book.

Island-style Barbecue

All cruise line private islands include Open Air Dining areas so you dont have to go back to the ship for lunch. These all-you-can-eat buffets include everything youd want in a tropical buffet. Youll enjoy:

  • Barbecue Chicken and Ribs
  • Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
  • Steaks and Grilled Chicken
  • Beans, Corn and Slaw
  • Pastas, Potatoes and Hot Vegetables
  • Salads
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Desserts
  • Coffee, tea, punch, juice and non-bottled water

Of course, all this is included in your cruise fare. The only thing you have to pay for is bottle water, sodas, beer and tropical drinks all of which you can put on your shipboard account. You do not need to bring cash with you to the private island.

Take Over the Ship

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Experienced cruisers may want to take a "Been There, Done That" attitude and stay on board the ship while everyone else is on the Private Island. Instead of playing volleyball on the beach and dancing in the Congo line with 2,000 other guest, you can have the ship and the pool all to yourself your own, 100,000-ton private yacht. While youre on board, food and bar service will still be available and you may even find special discounts in the spa. Enjoy it while you can, passengers can return to the ship anytime they want but everyone will need to be back on board before the ship sails at 4 or 5 pm.

More Information

You can learn more about each cruise lines private island experience by visiting their private islands pages in our Cruise Line Section:

* Not available on all cruise line private islands.

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